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Welcome to Curaçao! My Curacao Guide publishes annually the premier lifestyle and travel magazine on Curacao.

Your one-stop guide to the island’s best dining, activities, attractions, accommodations and natural wonders. Find useful island information, maps, interesting articles, videos of Curacao and even scannable QR codes to book your tours effortlessly!

The magazine is accessible to everyone, free of charge. The magazine is available at Curacao’s most frequented venues like the airport, hotels, resorts, B&B’s, retail outlets, restaurants, supermarkets, car rental agencies, travel agents, tourist offices and activities.

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My Curacao Guide’s in-room TV channel is a high-quality tourist information TV channel broadcast in the vast majority of the hotels on Curacao. It provides you with all you need to know about the island’s history and culture while also highlighting the best beaches, dining, and shopping areas. It shows the island’s natural beauty at its best and all the must-see attractions. You discover what to do and where to go in a quick and entertaining way.

Introduction Curacao

Discover Dushi Curacao in just a quick few minutes and get to know all curacao has to offers!

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Location & Climate

Discover in this video the geographic and the climate of Curacao.

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History of Curacao

Discover the rich history of Curacao at the Hato Caves where you can find Arawak drawings, the Jan Kok Salt flats or the Kura Hulanda Museum.

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Culture Curacao

Learn in this video all about Curacao’s culture in just a few minutes. Today Curacao has over 150,000 inhabitants of more than 100 different nationalities.

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Come along with us on a tour of Willemstad, the historic capital of Curacao. This World Heritage City is bustling, colorful and offers many interesting sights.

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Read our stories and blogs about Curacao and enrich yourself with valuable and entertaining information including pictures!

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While Curacao is an ideal destination to travel all year round thanks to its great location in the southern Caribbean, the best time to visit the island would be from May to November. Since this period is considered the off-peak season, the airfares are lower as well as the hotel rates. There are also fewer visitors on the island and it almost never rains.

Curacao is a very safe island to visit and its population is very friendly regarding its visitors. While your stay should go smoothly, you should always be aware of petty crimes, pickpockets, and robberies.

You can easily travel around Willemstad with the small buses (minivan) or “Konvooi” which are traditional buses. While the small buses are more frequent, the “Konvooi” runs every hour. If you wish to explore the west side of the island, you should therefore consider renting a car or joining an excursion as public transportations are limited.

Curacao isn’t as expensive as other islands in the Caribbean. Depending on the type of traveler you are, you could spend an average of 85$ USD to 265$ USD a day. They are of course much more expensive options if you wish to treat yourself to a very luxurious stay. Know that they are different types of accommodations such as hostels, Airbnb, Boutique Hotels, Resorts, etc. They are also food trucks at night offering cheap meal options as well as numerous choices of local and international delicious restaurants around Willemstad.

There are so many things to do on the island of Curacao. Whether you like to spend time walking in the city to look at the beautiful architecture and artistic murals or wish to spend time in the wilderness snorkeling or hiking, you will most certainly appreciate the options available to you. They are 3 national parks to explore (Christoffel National Park, Shete Boka, and Den Dunki), many museums regarding the history of Curacao, the famous Blue Curacao Liquor Factory, the dynamic beaches of Mambo and Jan Thiel where you can dance and enjoy different happy hours as well as the secluded beaches of the west side of the island. Why not join in on an ATV tour or scuba diving excursion for an exciting outdoor adventure? As you can see, it is impossible to get bored while on Curacao!