The Best Boat Tours Curacao

What are you looking forward to when visiting an island? Is it chasing sunsets with your loved ones, participating in different exciting activities, or exploring as many beautiful landscapes as possible? When staying on Curacao you might end up spending a lot of time on the water as there are a wide variety of boat tours to choose from offering different kinds of experiences.

Be ready to sail your way around the island as I am about to share with you all the unique nautical excursions that await you.

Klein Curacao Tours

A trip to Klein Curacao should be on your bucket list as this not-so-far-away paradise island is home to a long white sandy beach that shores crystal blue clear water. Depending on the kind of experience you are looking for, you could sail your way there in the comfort of a luxurious yacht or a laidback catamaran. Either way, you will get to eat delicious food while overlooking the island, make a toast to this beautiful life with the drink of your choice and enjoy the Caribbean sun like never before. Between snorkeling with turtles surrounded by colorful fish and unwinding underneath a palapa, there are also a picturesque pink lighthouse and two shipwrecks to walk to. These historic structures are a joy to observe as they seem to have been frozen in time. Back on the beach, you can enjoy this one-day trip while your thoughts fade away with the sound of the waves. This island is quite small but yet, has plenty to offer to have the time of your life. As you start going back, make sure to pay attention to the front of the boat as dolphins often love to lead the way.

Miss Ann: Boattrip To Klein Curacao
Find yourself relaxing on a boat trip to Klein Curacao on board of a luxurious yacht. The small island of Klein Curacao is a white pearl in the midst of the dark blue ocean. You will be dazzled by its white sandy beach! Be sure to take a swim and don’t miss a chance to also snorkel with sea turtles! A tip for divers; Klein Curacao has beautiful dive spots! This day trip is onboard one of Curacao’s most luxurious yacht, Serendipity.

Days available: Every Tuesday Thursday Friday and Sunday
Duration: 11 hours
Min. age required: all ages


BlueFinn: Klein Curacao Tour
The Catamaran BlueFinn sails from Zanzibar in Jan Thiel to the deserted island Klein Curacao. There you’ll find a true paradise: crystal clear water and a dazzling white sandy beach. You have plenty of time to discover the small island, sunbath on the beach or on the boat and swim and snorkel with the sea turtles around the catamaran.

Days available: Every Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and Saturday
Duration: 8 hours
Min. age required: all ages


Irie Tours: Klein Curacao Catamaran Trip
An unforgettable experience on a little piece of paradise. An uninhabited island that lies about 8 miles from the main island with a beautiful paradisiac view that you only see on postcards. Are you ready? Let Irie Tours take you to Klein Curacao with the catamaran trip!

Days available: Every day
Duration: 9 hours
Min. age required: all ages




Chasing Sunset Tours

As the golden hour quickly transforms the horizon into a colorful natural phenomenon, participating in a sunset tour is the most romantic way to enjoy to the fullest this magical moment of the day. Witness how the beautiful blue skies transform into a spectacle of red, pink, and purple shades while doing a private sunset tour with your favorite person. You could also join a group of people dancing on a catamaran to celebrate the unique glow of the sunset sailing across the waves. As you sail through the breathtaking Spanish water, Fuik Bay, and St. Anna Bay, you will get to enjoy this gorgeous moment spent on the water while having delicious bites and refreshing drinks. Watching the sunset at sea is the best way to spend your happy hour and fully take in the beauty of the island before the sun disappears into the ocean. You will get to observe the East coast with a whole new perspective and you might even be spoiled with the famous green flash as Curacao is a known host to this incredible natural event.

BlueFinn: Sunset Catamaran Tour
This is probably the most romantic tour we have to offer. While enjoying good drinks and bites on board the Catamaran BlueFinn you watch the shimmering sunset Curacao is known for. Waves reflect in the sun and the sky turns red. This experience is a must for the hopeless romantics!

Days available: Every Friday
Duration: 2.5 hours
Min. age required: all ages


Private Sunset Boat Tour
Enjoy this beautiful sunset boat tour on Curacao and discover Spanish Waters and Fuik Bay. Our island is even more stunning in a sunset orange glow on the waters of Curacao and enjoy the beautiful Spanish Water and the open sea. The sunset remains one of the most beautiful natural phenomena that exist. Watching the sun disappear into the sea and the sky turns into stunning colors around the sun. From the sea, you are first to see and experience the sunset on Curacao!


Days available:
 Every day
Duration: 2.5 hour
Min. age required: 2 years

Irie Tours: Sunset Catamaran
There is no better way to end your afternoon than during this sunset catamaran trip! Join us on this beautiful 2 1⁄2 -hour sunset cruise and discover our island is even more stunning in a sunset orange glow on the waters of Curacao as we sail from the beautiful Spanish Water into the open sea. Feel free to enjoy our open bar and finger food as we sail along to coast towards the St. Anna bay. The view of the harbor by sea is a completely different experience! Cheers to a beautiful end of the day!

Days available: Every Wednesday and Friday
Duration: 2.5 hour
Min. age required: all ages




Around the Island Tours

If you are looking to explore different sights underneath the water, there are exciting boat tours from East to West to choose from. Be ready to gear up with a mask and snorkel fins to snorkel around different shipwrecks including the famous 9-meter-long Tugboat. As you jump off the boat you will get to immediately see this must-see gem covered with corals where numerous colorful fish will be welcoming you. Located more west on the coastline of Curacao, the blue room is a wonder that is a bit off-the- beaten-path and it is a natural beauty to admire. As you swim your way to the inside of the cave, you will enter a clear blue water world where a school of fish swim up and down within the grotto. On your way there, make sure to sit back and enjoy the stunning sceneries formed by breathtaking beaches and rocky cliffs diving in the ocean. Last but not least, if you are a fishing enthusiast, why not try to catch your dinner? You could go on a captivating fishing trip to the most Eastern point of Curacao. As you troll, you will get the chance to catch different local fish such as Wahoo, Barracuda, Tuna and Mahi Mahi. Chartering a boat to go fishing will allow you to spend time with local fishermen and truly indulge in a fresh meal from the sea.

BlueFinn: West Coast Catamaran Beach Tour
Explore the picture-perfect west coast with the Catamaran BlueFinn! You will be astounded by the enormous cliffs, beautiful bays and striking monumental buildings of Punda and Otrobanda. At the nicest beaches you will stop to go swimming, snorkeling, diving or just to relax in the sand during the west coast of Curacao tour.

Days available: Every Sunday
Duration: 8 hours
Min. age required: all ages


Tugboat And Blue Room Snorkeling Tour
Discover Curacao as you cruise around the South West Coast of the island. Stop at the most stunning spots on Curacao’s coastline and snorkel the underwater worlds hidden there. From East to West you will experience the best the island has to offer. Don’t hesitate and enjoy this tugboat and snorkel tour!

Days available: Every Wednesday
Duration: 7 hours
Min. age required: all ages


BlueFinn: 3-In-1 Snorkeling Trip
The underwater landscape of Curacao is one to be discovered! Take your friends on a 3-in-1 snorkeling expedition on Curacao to the 3 most beautiful snorkeling locations on the East Coast of the island. Enjoy an open water encounter with Dolphins!

Days available: Every Friday
Duration: 5 hours
Min. age required: all ages


Open Boat Fishing Trip
You want to go fishing but your wife loves the beach? Don’t want to spend hundreds on chartering a boat to go fishing? We have the solution for you. On this fishing trip, you sign up per person.

Days available: Every Tuesday and Friday
Duration: 4.5 hour
Min. age required: 8 years


Whether you are looking to venture to a new island, seek to snorkel in between the amazing marine life, or dream of a romantic escapade to conclude your journey on Curacao, you will surely find the perfect boat tour to complement your stay.

by Jessica Gallant