Trip to Klein Curacao

Vacations in Curacao are exhausting; days of sunbathing on the beach and eating at nice restaurants. You deserve a mini break, so off to Klein Curacao. Step onboard and let the boat take you across the waves to the tiny, deserted island. There you’ll find a true paradise!

Klein Curacao is a small, uninhabited, tropical island with a pearly white beach, an azure blue sea, a spectacular reef, and beautiful underwater world. There are four attractions: the lighthouse, the shipwrecks, the beach, and the underwater world. When you arrive, you immediately see the highlight of the island: the lighthouse. If you continue the path towards the coast, you will come to shipwrecks. Klein Curacao is also known for the tropical white beach and the fact that you can see many sea turtles swimming among the colorful small and large fish.  

“What to bring for an unforgettable experience? Bring your snorkeling gear, towel, your favorite floaties, plenty of sunscreen and of course your camera or phone.”

It is not every day that you can say that you have visited an uninhabited sunlit island, full of history and mystery. So, get your camera ready and surprise everyone with the most beautiful Instagram photos! Klein Curacao is definitely worth visiting when you are in Curacao!