Best things to do with kids in Curaçao

Curacao is best known for its beautiful white sandy beaches and its spectacular colorful downtown districts. Besides these activities what are the top things to do in Curaçao with kids?

Curacao is a perfect destination to travel with the whole family. The island offers a ton of activities that can be enjoyed by adults and children alike. These activities will surely be the highlights of your little one’s vacation in Curacao.

Sea Aquarium

The Curaçao Sea Aquarium is a favorite choice when it comes to an informative and fun kid-friendly activity. The team of the aquarium has created a natural habitat for all its marine creatures without using sophisticated technical equipment. The natural habitats are modeled after an open-water system, which makes all the aquaria to be in immediate contact with the open sea. Get the chance to experience the underwater world without getting wet through the Ocean lens experience, get a wet kiss from a sea lion, or just meet and greet various Caribbean underwater world animals.

Dolphin Academy

Inside the Sea Aquarium you can find the Dolphin Academy. The Dolphin Academy will give you and your little ones the opportunity to have a genuine interaction with the dolphins of Curacao in their natural habitat. Get the chance to encounter these majestic animals and interact with them in either their natural lagoon or in the open sea. The Dolphin Academy emphasizes care and sincere interaction between humans and dolphins.

Be ready to meet these intelligent animals during the dolphin encounter experience and enjoy an exciting swim with them. You could even get the chance to follow an assistant dolphin trainer course and be part of the dolphin show. Your dolphin interaction will create a sense of wonder, fascination, and, most importantly, an appreciation for the welfare and protection of dolphins and their environment.

Miniature Golf Course & Playground – Brakkeput Mei Mei

Enjoy a fun day with your kids at the 18-hole miniature golf course at the beautiful Brakkeput Mei Mei colonial mansion. The Miniature golf course is set on a beautiful lush orchard on the east side of the island providing the opportunity for an exciting game of mini-golf and also a playground for the kids to have fun. There is also a terrace bar overlooking the course that provides refreshments and delicious snacks.

Windsurfing Curacao & SUP Curacao

Windsurfing Curacao provides an unforgettable, easy, and fun experience while learning how to windsurf. This is a great activity that can be done by the whole family. Windsurfing Curacao offers specialized equipment and a program for kids, that will have them windsurfing and enjoying in no time.

Standup Paddle Curacao is another great activity to consider since it is becoming more popular around the world. Now is your chance to try this nautical sport on the warm waters of Curacao. SUP Curaçao gives the opportunity to professionals and beginners alike to jump on a paddleboard and start enjoying this cool activity. Classes for beginners are also available upon request.

Day pass at Kunuku with slides and waterparks

Fancy a day at an exciting Caribbean water park? Enjoy a full day at the Kunuku Resort Waterpark that offers various slides and waterpark activities. Food and drinks are available to be bought on-premise, thus giving you a laid-back and fun day. Enjoy a perfect day with a day pass at the Kunuku Resort Waterpark and slides with the whole family.

Klein Curacao with Miss Ann

Join the crew of Miss Ann on a fantastic all-inclusive boat trip to the wonderful island of Klein Curacao. Get on board the super yacht Serendipity and sail across the smooth water of the Caribbean Ocean to arrive on the splendid island of Klein Curacao. Enjoy the various amenities and activities Miss Ann offers whilst on this deserted piece of paradise.

Children’s Museum:

The Children’s Museum of Curaçao is an informative and fun activity where children between the ages of 1 to 8 can learn through the power of play. This unique learning environment provides a great opportunity to stimulate children’s natural curiosity and creativity. The museum has a dynamic multi-sensory and active child-centered area where your young ones are free to explore and connect with the world.

La Hacienda Olivia Plantation

La Hacienda Olivia Plantation is a ranch with a petting zoo and a typical island restaurant which offer a unique way to enjoy a delicious meal made with local fresh produce of the ranch. This is the perfect way for the whole family to have a tasty locally sourced meal, learn more about the local kettle of the island and its farm life.

Xtreme zone (trampoline)

Xtreme zone Mega Trampoline Park is a perfect place for fun and fitness for kids and adults of all ages. With countless activities and trampolines, rest assure your kids will enjoy every second of this amazing activity. Get to experience the weightlessness of bouncing and flipping high up into the air in the open jump arena. Be ready to jump your way down the long trampoline tracks, play a game of dodgeball soccer or leap into the foam cube pool. Visit Xtreme zone Mega Trampoline Park and defy gravity on trampolines covering thousands of square feet.

Ostrich farm

The Ostrich Farm offers guaranteed fun for the whole family where you get the chance to encounter and learn more about the giant birds of the African plains. There is also a fun playground for kids with diverse animals to learn about and a restaurant where you can taste typical African meals. The Ostrich farm provides an unforgettable experience for you and your whole family.

As you can see, there is a variety of activities to choose from on the island. Rest assured that your family will not have one dull moment during your vacation in Curacao.

Article written by Jessica Gallant


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