Pietermaai District: The cultural heart of Willemstad Curacao

Much of what makes Curacao unique is captured in the atmosphere of Pietermaai District, centrally located in the cultural heart of Willemstad Curacao. Because of its lively environment and rich history, Pietermaai District has often been called the “SoHo” of Curacao. Small shops, bars, restaurants, hotels, and stunning architecturecreate a lively, cozy, and safe neighborhood full of mystery, magic, and fun.

Old meets new
Since the year 2000 Pietermaai District has undergone a major metamorphosis. Not all neglected monuments are restored yet, but that is what gives the area that social, vivid, raw edge. In the mid-19th century, after the city walls were torn down, Pietermaai District became a hub for ideas, business, and culture. Originally a residential neighborhood in the early 18th century, Pietermaai District existed due to a lack of space within the city walls of Punda. Now, it is home to many trendy lounge areas, dotted with specialty shops and art studios. 

In the mid-19th century, after the city walls were torn down, Pietermaai District became a hub for ideas, business, and culture.

A variety of people
Pietermaai District’s allure draws businessmen, artists, students, and travelers alike. The combination of different people of all ages with different backgrounds, residents, and tourists, makes it a friendly and multicultural neighborhood where everyone feels at home. Travelers can immerse themselves in the local Pietermaai District culture by taking their pick of places to stay in the area. 

Eat, drink, sleep, and dive
Boutique accommodations, small shops, cozy little cafés, and top-rated restaurants snuggle together, making the neighborhood easily walkable and perfect for exploring at your leisure. Pietermaai District is not only located “just a stone’s throw away” from the city center of Willemstad, but it is also steps from the Caribbean Sea. Some establishments even have a spectacular oceanfront location, which makes Pietermaai District perfect for that special sunset. 

Nightlife… never a dull moment
Pietermaai District is constantly bustling with activity and is well known for its events. It is a mecca for music lovers and people looking for some late-night revelry. It is this lively atmosphere that makes it a must-visit destination for nightlife, entertainment, and fine dining. Pietermaai District simply has it all. Spend a quiet evening listening to jazz in a warmly lit café, or lounge for hours at a trendy bar. If you’re in the mood for some late night festivities, go clubbing down the street or listen to a live band. Students often party until the early morning in the clubs, while a few steps away music lovers enjoy spontaneous jam sessions between renowned musicians from all over the world.