Local Products and Souvenirs of Curacao

After spending an amazing time on Curacao, you will certainly wish to bring a little piece of the island back home with you. I invite you to mindfully encourage handcrafted gifts and souvenirs from one of the locally based companies as it is an important factor for the economy of the island, and it is also a great step towards more sustainable tourism. Buying from local businesses has never been more important and Curacao has so many of them to choose from. Whether you are looking to purchase some decorations, meaningful items, or something that will remind you of the flavors of the island, Curacao has it all! Here are some places you should definitely visit and consider getting souvenirs from! Believe me, you will certainly fall in love with everything they have to offer as they all have their own unique touch.



Your own unique Chichi® from Serena’s Art Factory

Choosing to bring back home a Chichi® as a souvenir of Curacao is a meaningful way to encourage local artists and craft women of the island. It is also a unique art piece that you will not find anywhere else, especially if you painted it yourself during one of the workshops organized by Serena’s Art Factory. If you did, not only you will have a quirky souvenir, but you will also be rich in memories from your time participating in this Caribbean experience. If you love diving, dancing, doing yoga, or any other kind of activity, be sure to express your passion through the design of your Chichi® to make it even more special! As you can spend some time at the walk-in atelier surrounded by farms on the east side of the island, you can also pass by the shop located in the ‘art alley in Punda. You will be able to choose from a diversity of Chichi® which is the Papiamento word for ‘Big Sister’. In the local culture of Curacao, Chichi® represents that proud older sister who is binding the whole family together in a dedicated and carrying way.




Bring a little piece of Curacao from Don Caribe back home

As you leave your beach chair to step into the store called Don Caribe, you will quickly feel all the love and passion that has been put into this family business for decades. This souvenir shop on Mambo boulevard is loved for its hand-crafted items by locals, especially for its handmade Bon Bini and Dushi wooden signs. Put together with the finest of organic materials and perfected with paintings inspired by the beauty of Curacao, they truly are original pieces of art to bring back to your loved ones or as a souvenir for yourself. As the most famous quote of Don Caribe says, A thing of beauty is a joy forever. This boutique is like the Ali Baba Cave of lifelong memory gems for the visitors of Curacao! Besides having exotic items perfect for amazing gifts, this must-visit store also offers a variety of signature cocktails and freshly made local snacks. If you are feeling adventurous, some menu items to look out for are the Green Iguana and the Shark Bite! Don Caribe is definitely the right place to have a good time and get a memorable souvenir of the island.




The famous blue Curacao liquor from the Landhuis Chobolobo

Did you know that the world-famous Curacao liquor has been invented here on the island of Curacao? The Senor family introduced this orange and kosher liquor many years ago and it is still being locally produced. This is why, every traveler that visits Curacao should include a visit to the Landhuis Chobolobo, home of the Genuine Curacao Liquor, on their itinerary. This 19th-century mansion is a must-visit attraction for so many reasons. During an interactive guided tour, you get to go on a historic journey about the island including the arrival of the Jewish community and learn about the distillation process of the iconic liquor. The best part is that you can taste the different variations of the product and join a workshop located within the beautiful bar courtyard so you can learn how to make amazing cocktails. Landhuis Chobolobo also has a charming gift store with a wide range of Senor liqueurs, gift packages, and other locally-made gifts. The Blue Curacao liquor is certainly an authentic souvenir to bring back home as it is as colorful and rich as the culture of Curacao and it represents years of history.



Article written by Jessica Gallant


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