Local food Curacao

The island’s local cuisine (cominda local) is an interesting mix of cultures and influences, but there are some truly unique dishes worth seeking out that you’ll seldom find anywhere else!

Curacao has many goats all over the island, so it is not a surprise that it is also a popular local food. Kabritu is a hearty dish, with tender meat, is full of flavor thanks to all the herbs in it. At Williwood, a popular stop for many during a road trip at Banda Abou, they serve delicious ‘Kabritu Burgers’.

Stoba is an Antillean stew. One of the best- known is the Karni stobá. This is a beef stew. Many Antilleans often start cooking the karni stobá early, sometimes days in advance, because the meat needs to simmer for a long time.

Bolo Pretu
Bolo Pretu literally means black cake. Bolo Pretu is a traditional, Antillean black cake. You make it with many kinds of liquor, dried fruits, and nuts. This cake is mostly eaten at weddings.

Pastechi’s are served in many different countries, in different ways, and at different moments. In Curacao, pastechi’s are a deep- fried dough with various fillings like cheese, beef, chicken, or codfish. They are mostly eaten during the morning hours.

Truk’i Pan
Food trucks are all the rage lately, but on the island, we have our own food truck scene. Most food trucks open after 7 p.m. and stay open till deep in the night. Grabbing a late-night bite at a Truk’i Pan is the perfect way to refuel after a night of intense dancing. Choose between fries with grilled chicken breast meat or fish or swap the fries and choose a sandwich.

Bolo di Kashupete Cashew Cake
This is a very traditional cake on this island. It consists of a vanilla cake covered with thick sweetened cashew cream. This cake is often eaten on special occasions.

Funchi is a corn dish made from white or yellow cornmeal. Funchi is commonly eaten in Aruba, Curacao en Bonaire as a substitute for potatoes or rice. It is prepared by boiling water and salt in a pan and then, on low heat, gradually adding the corn flour while stirring.

Arepa is a traditional dish and very popular on this Caribbean Island. Arepa’s are corn-based puff patties and are similar to light pita bread. They are crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and filled with different ingredients such as cheese, meat, corn, or avocado. A traditional dish that is definitely worth trying!

Arepa di Pampuna
Arepa di Pampuna is a sweet pumpkin pancake that is mostly eaten in between meals, as breakfast or as dessert. Though pumpkin is mostly used during the fall season in other countries. In Curacao, they eat this dish all year around.

Awa di Lamunchi
Awa di lamunchi is a super-fresh summer drink that is often drunk in Curacao. It is made from freshly squeezed lime with water and possibly sugar or honey.