$ 199 per boat

    Tiki Boat: Tiki BBQ Boat $ 199 per boat

    Tiki BBQ Boat is perfect for small families or small groups. This Tiki can be rented for max 4 adults and 2 children – until 6 years old (400 kg max). You are your own captain and can explore the Spanish Waters on your own Tiki boat with your private group.

    Price: $199 per boat

    Duration: 4 hours

    Days available: Monday – Saturday

    Adults: From 6 years

    Kids: Under 6 years

    *IMPORTANT NOTE*: For all activities we ask for USD 250 security deposit. We can take care of that at the office before your tour in cash, or as a “hold” on your credit card (if you credit card company supports it; local banks unfortunately don’t support this)


    • Coolbox
    • BBQ (if rented)
    • Small waterproof bag
    • Gasoline tank
    • Safety equipment (as required by the HVI inspection)
    • Instructions about watertraffic rules
    • Instructions about how to use a tiki boat
    • Map of the Spanish waters with the buoy locations/low water depths etc
    • Garbage bag (Please help keep our island clean)

    Travelers Tips

    We advise you to bring:

    • Sunblock (we prefer the reef protected one)
    • Sunglasses
    • Towel/hat
    • Swimming suit
    • Snorkel gear
    • (You’re allowed to bring your own food and beverage)