$ 120

    Helmet Diving $ 120

    Sea TREK Helmet Diving is popular water activity on various destinations and now also on Curacao! Have you always been curious about the underwater world and want to experience this up close with your own eyes, then this is the perfect introduction. Here is your chance to have your very own underwater experience that allows you to walk underwater reaching a depth of 7 meters.


    Walking underwater for about 35 minutes together with an experienced dive instructor, you will encounter spectacular sea life in their natural environment with a specially designed helmet! Sea TREK is the ultimate underwater experience for non-swimmers and without any scuba gear. It is all about enjoying sea life by walking and breathing underwater. This tour is available every day, starting at 08:00 am onwards at the Pier of Marie Pampoen.


    Days: Daily

    Duration: 1 hour

    Min. age: 8


    • Ages 8-80
    • No swimming skills required
    • Hair and Face remain dry
    • You can wear prescription glasses and contacts
    • Great for the entire family!
    • The Sea TREK helmet sits comfortably on your shoulders, while a continuous flow of air lets you breathe with ease


    • Storage for bags
    • Water shoes
    • Public shower
    • Restroom

    Travel Tips

    • Bring swimsuit
    • Bring towel
    • Pick up is optional (additional fee of $10 per person)
    • For an additional fee of $20 you can buy a movie of your encounter and share your experience
    • Next to Sea TREK you will find the local fish restaurant Sea Side Terrace.
    • Only 5 minutes away from the popular Mambo beach