$ 150

    Caribbean Cooking Class by Helmi Smeulders $ 150

    Immerse yourself in the flavors of the Caribbean with Chef Helmi Smeulders!

    Join her cooking class and discover the secrets of Caribbean cuisine. Learn how to use exotic ingredients like tamarind, plantain and Scotch bonnet chilies to create delicious dishes that are bursting with flavor. Chef Helmi will guide you through the intricacies of Caribbean spices, marinades and sauces, and reveal the cooking techniques that make this cuisine so unique. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned cook, this class is the perfect opportunity to expand your culinary repertoire and explore the vibrant flavors of the Caribbean.

    You’ll be welcomed in the stylish and spacious air-conditioned kitchen with coffee and sweets, after which chef Helmi will give an extensive demo about Caribbean ingredients and typical island recipes. Then it’s time to cook! Under her expert guidance, you will prepare Caribbean dishes in this cooking class like jerk chicken, ceviche, homemade tortillas, funchi fries and sweet potato salad. Chef Helmi’s hands-on teaching style makes it easy for everyone to grasp the techniques and appreciate the nuances of Caribbean flavors. The morning ends with a feast of Caribbean delights to be shared at the communal table together with the other participants. You will leave with a full belly and newfound appreciation for the vibrant and delicious world of Caribbean cuisine.

    Days available: Wednesday

    Start Time: 9:30 AM

    Duration: 4.5 hours

    Minimum Age: 14+


    • Coffee, Tea & Sweets
    • Soft drinks, homemade ice tea, water, wine & beer
    • Lunch
    • Recipes
    • Goodiebag

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