Uncover Curacao's Eastern Coast

Uncover Curacao’s Eastern Coast

Article written by Jessica Gallant

The eastern side of Curacao often remains undiscovered by many, yet it conceals a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be explored. Along a rugged coast lies the captivating Sint Joris Baai, a beautiful body of water known for its untouched beauty and hidden secrets.

Kitesurfing fanatics are in for a treat, as Sint Joris Baai is renowned for its consistent trade winds and tranquil waters. Meanwhile, hikers will enjoy nature walking and observing various native birds on the trails of Sint Joris Baai and Koraal Tabak, both offering diverse perspectives of the ocean and rolling hills. For a unique adventure, consider horseback riding, where you’ll meander past charming farms and picturesque cactus-lined roads, all while gazing at the colorful kites dancing over the shimmering water. And, while in the area, don’t pass up the opportunity to explore the fascinating Koraal Tabak cave. It is an impressive cavern with different chambers waiting to be sightseen. Who knows, you might even catch a glimpse of some bats in flight!

Just a short distance from the bay, other must- Sint visit destinations await. Serena’s Art Factory best invites art lovers to meet the iconic Chichi dolls, Cura handcrafted by local artisans. You can even take part in the creative process at the atelier, bringing home a unique souvenir that embodies Curacao’s Vera culture. For animal enthusiasts, Curacao’s Ostrich Sant Farm offers a fascinating insight into the lives of the lives of these African natives, allowing visitors to feed them and learn about these magnificent birds, adding a touch of wildlife encounter to their und island adventure.

The Aloe Vera Farm

Nestled within Curacao’s rich native vegetation, the Aloe Vera Farm is a unique oasis committed to sustainability. They cultivate and harvest the renowned Aloe Vera, celebrated as nature’s miracle plant. During guided tours, explore this natural sanctuary and learn about the process of growing and extracting the purest gel, along with its remarkable health benefits.

As you immerse yourself in the farm’s healing ambiance while strolling on one of the scenic trails around, don’t forget to try an Aloe Vera popsicle combined with fresh fruits to cool off. Finally, be sure to visit the onsite shop, which offers a variety of Curaloe products, including body care and dietary supplements, to discover the journey from plant to bottle, all in one place.

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Off-Roading Adventure on Curacao’s Eastern Coast!

Climb aboard an off-road jeep safari tour and brace yourself for a 4-hour journey through the rugged landscapes and stunning natural beauty of Curac̀§ao’s eastern coast. This Jeep tour is your ticket to exploring remote and unspoiled locations that will make your island experience unforgettable.

Picking you up from your hotel or the nearest location, we will then drive to our starting point at Sint Joris Baai. During the drive, you’ll enjoy the best tunes and receive information about Dushi Curacao. This off-the-beaten-path adventure begins with a trail through the exciting terrain of Koraal Tabak and includes a visit to the Aloe Vera Farm, as well as a scenic drive through Santa Catharina. Along the way, you can take in the breathtaking views from Fort Beekenburg. The grand finale awaits at Director’s Bay, where a snorkeling adventure will reveal a captivating underwater wonderland.

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