Quiz: How well do you know Curacao?

Take This Fun Quiz and Find Out…


What is the highest temperature ever measured on Curacao?

(A) 36,8 °C

(B) 38,3 °C

(C) 40,1 °C


What is the name of the currency of Curacao?

(A) Euro

(B) Dollar

(C) Antillean Guilder


Which animal was introduced to the culinary kitchen of Curacao?

(A) Iguana

(B) Turtle

(C) Ostrich


How high is the Christoffelberg?

(A) 372

(B) 380

(C) 391


What is the famous beach where you are almost guaranteed to see turtles?

(A) Grote Knip

(B) Cas Abao

(C) Playa Grandi/Piskado





(scrol down for the answers) 















1:b,    2:c,    3:a,   4:a,   5:c





Five out of five: Are you sure you weren’t actually, born here?


Four out of five: You deserve honorary citizenship.


Three out of five: You’ve obviously been here before, so “Welcome back!”


Two out of five: You’ve spent too much time just enjoying the island’s superb beaches, then again, can we really blame you?


One out of five: You’ll have to stay a little longer until you get them all right!


Zero out of five: What do you mean, you thought the flight was to Andalusia?


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