Windsurfing Curacao, Willemstad, Curaçao

Windsurfing Curacao

Forget everything that happens on land. From the first time you are propelled by the wind over the water, you can focus only on one thing; Windsurfing! Windsurfing is an experience you don’t want to miss! We can’t tell you that you’ll ever learn how to do a front flip on a windsurfer. However, we can guarantee that you’ll go back and forth in one hour. With windsurfing Curacao you’ll find out that learning to windsurf is easy and fun!

Where you looking for kiteboarding lessons on Curacao? No problem! Kiteboarding Curacao will teach you kitesurfing with IKO certified kiteboard instructors using boat and radio assistance!

So you made it to Curacao, a small Caribbean paradise with trade winds and warm waters. You’ve seen the beautiful beaches. You’ve snorkeled the clear waters. Maybe you even climbed the Christoffel Mountain. But there is so much more to do on the island! Why not learn to glide over the water on a windsurfer? Our instructors at Windsurfing Curacao are die-hard windsurfers who love to spread the joy.

Did we tell you how easy it was to learn windsurfing? It’s also a great thing to do as a family. We have specialized equipment for kids. They’ll also be up and windsurfing in no time! We run a unique program for local kids with weekly lessons. Kids from this program won world championships.  Some joined the professional windsurfing association to compete worldwide. Most of our kids just have a lot of fun and learn to love their island waters.

Taking up windsurfing is a great option for a shore-excursion. Even if you are only on the island for a day. If you’re in a group you can combine different activities which all start and end at the same location (Windsurfing Curacao). We’ll arrange transportation to and from the ship and make sure you arrive at the ship well in time!