138 Kaminda Mitologia, Willemstad, Curaçao

Aloe Vera Farm Curacao

A must-see on the island is the Aloe Vera Farm Curacao where they cultivate and harvest aloe vera, nature’s true miracle plant. The aloegel is used in its purest form to produce a variety of high-quality cosmetic products and health supplements. Aloe also contains anti-inflammatory properties that can treat conditions like eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis. And its juice can supply the body with nutrients and vitamins that hydrate, improve liver function, and even help treat diabetes. Aloe is a wonder plant, indeed!

Curacao’s arid climate and perpetually sunny temperatures are prime conditions for these succulents to flourish. See them up close with a guided tour at Aloe Vera Farm and you’ll learn how they grow the healthiest plants and how they extract only the purest gel while preserving the natural vitamins and enzymes that give it such powerful potency.

Enjoy hiking? You can also do their Aloe Walk hiking trail without a guide. This nature trek will bring you even closer to the soul-soothing vibe of this naturally healing place. Afterward, in their shaded palapa, but don’t leave without visiting their onsite shop to try and buy their Curaloe products. And no worries if you want more after your visit, the entire product line is also available for purchase online.

Curaloe is also proud to be Curacao’s first company to be awarded the Minimum Sustainability Standards by the Business Platform for Sustainability. This reflects their core value of Corporate Social Responsibility and commitment to both their people and their community