SUP Curacao

No doubt you’ve seen people standing up on boards and paddling along the waves these days, but though one might think this a modern and trendy watersport, it’s really an ancient mode of travel that dates as far back as biblical times! Though now the practice is done more for exercise than transportation- some people even do yoga and Pilates on them- SUP is also an ideal way to explore this island’s most important seaside natural environments – the mangroves!

SUP Curacao offers you expert instruction, and then guided tours that meander through the lovely Spanish Waters mangrove region. You glide silently through clear, calm waters and discover why mangroves are so important to the island’s ecosystem- their strong, tangled roots make a home for juvenile fish and marine life and they also provide a natural buffer between the land and sea to prevent erosion. The mangroves are also a popular place for a multitude of seabirds to nest as well. A tour with SUP Curacao is a wonderful way to exercise while exploring nature around the island’s best paddleboarder’s paradise.