Willemstad, Curaçao

Mister Paradise

So, you’ve planned your vacation to our “Dushi Curacao” and now you are looking for wheels to give you the freedom to explore the island by yourself. You’ve came to the perfect place. Since 2012, Mister Paradise rents out vintage Suzuki Samurai Jeeps on Curacao. These lovely colored open rides will really provide you with the ultimate island ride.

Nigel is a real connoisseur of the island. He has been visiting the island since he was a kid and is now living here permanently. Besides renting out cars he goes diving a few days a week and he has plenty of suggestions in store for you to make your vacation unforgettable. Get in touch with Nigel directly via the website of Mr. Paradise. You can ask him all of your questions on the Suzuki Samurai Jeeps and get some ideas for the best tours or trips for the best snorkeling, diving, or boat trips!