Willemstad, Curaçao

Hilma Koelman

Hilma Koelman is an abstract painter. She enjoys the freedom to express her feelings and emotions and work intuitively. Listening to music and making meditative strolls along the shore are ways to get in contact with her subconscious before she lets her energy flow.

The whole process during the making of the painting is a very challenging one with all kinds of emotions. Making abstract art is Hilma her way of communicating without words. Acrylic is her main medium, but she also loves to work with oil and cold wax, a completely different technique and approach. She is always learning and exploring new techniques that push her further with each new piece. As her life changes, so do her paintings.

Hilma was born and raised in the Netherlands. She discovered her interest and love for painting many years ago, while living in Bonaire. In the past 20 years, Hilma followed multiple art classes and workshops offered by established and successful artists in South Florida and Curaçao. She has learned to work with very different techniques, styles, and materials.

After many years of painting, she made the transition from representational to abstract art. While Hilma’s work is generally non-objective, it sometimes also depicts hints of a seascape or flowers in abstract form, leaving room for the imagination to tell its own story.

Over the years she developed her own “unique voice” coming deep from inside. Sometimes it’s full of vibrating energy and sometimes there is a sense of mystery and serene stillness, which makes you wonder what’s going on in the mind of this artist. You can always feel her passion, and she takes you with her energy, into her own created world.