Francis Sling

When looking at a Francis Sling art piece, not only will you be staring at something captivating, but you will be asked to dive into a journey of self-exploration and questioning.

The whole world is a big painting, that makes us a small piece of a huge composition, doing everything we can to find happiness until we're in the right spot in this artwork.” - Francis Sling

Calling himself God’s Flower Agent, Francis considers his work a mission. The mission of ensuring the well-being of his soul and others through his art flourishing into hope, growth, and happiness. As he believes God is an artist, life is then defined as a masterpiece in which he is seeking to evolve.

In order to achieve something, we must find our position in the big painting we call life. Through my art, I wish for everyone to understand that we all have a place where we can freely belong and be the greatest version of ourselves. We must ask questions, as questions are the best answers to happiness and to find the right spot for our very own selves.” - Francis Sling

You are invited to visit Francis Sling’s ArtCave located in Scharloo, so you can get a piece of paint and therefore find where this piece of happiness belongs in the grand painting of life. Located on Bargestraat 31a, you will get to visit the fascinating workshop of this local artist and see more of his meaningful art.