Z/N Bapor Kibrá, Willemstad, Curaçao

Dolphin Academy

Dolphin Academy is proud to be one of the only facilities in the world that works with trained dolphins in the open sea. The dolphins reside on the premises of the Curacao Sea Aquarium in four primary lagoons interconnected by secondary basins and canals. The lagoons are in contact with the ocean, allowing a constant flow of fresh seawater and numerous fish and invertebrate species.

Dolphin Academy opened its doors on the 26th of May 2002. On that day, the most important ‘colleagues’, the dolphins, were flown to their new home in Curacao from Roàtan, Honduras. After the initial five dolphins, the family has expanded and they now house over 20 Coastal Bottlenose dolphins.

It Dolphin Academy their mission to present the truth about dolphins despite their popular and sometimes mythological public image. They do this by providing an educational venue with their experiences. Through this venue, visitors may observe and interact with trained Bottlenose dolphins in both spacious enclosures and the open sea. By offering information and interaction, Dolphin Academy hopes to encourage a sense of wonder and fascination based on fact, not fiction.

In addition, they hope to motivate their guests to make a personal contribution to a better living environment for dolphins. It is their sincere hope that these experiences foster care and concern for the welfare and protection of dolphins and their environment.