9 Hanchi Snoa, Willemstad, Curaçao

Dhan Arts & Copperstone

Melissa Vijay Bharwani, owner of Dhan Arts, has always wanted to create art for tourists to take home to remind them of their visit to Curacao. Inspired by her own cat looking out the window she created ‘Cats Enjoying the View’. She believed that her cats love to watch Curacao’s famous colorful buildings at the Handelskade. In 2018 she designed the first cat, which she then handprinted with the Handelskade on their backs. They became known as ‘Skadey Cats’, Curacao’s official cat.  

Dhan Arts offers anything you can think of; from paintings, to jewelry boxes, and Christmas ornaments. Skadey is Curacao’s Official Cat, created by local artist Melissa Vijay Bharwani. Skadey is hand painted with love and care, each Skadey has Curacao’s famous buildings- the Handelskade on their backs. Each Skadey is different from the next, if you choose to take one home, you will know yours is the only one in the world like that.

In addition to her artwork, she is also the owner of souvenir shop Copperstone. The store is located at Hanchi Snoa 9, in Punda! It is definitely worth a visit if you are looking for some nice presents to take home or just to have a look around.