Top beaches on Curacao

As Nature’s playground for sea turtles and dolphins, Curacao is also known for its turquoise seas, tropical reefs, secluded outlets, and spectacular vistas. Sunbathe on one of the “Best Beaches on Earth,” swim and kayak in calm, crystal waters, or unleash your inner beachcomber as you sink your feet in soft white sand. Start with our favorites below – then discover your own.

Here’s a list of 13 top beaches on Curacao. You’ll also enjoy discovering the others.

Kleine Knip

Less touristy than other beaches, this small but beautiful stretch of white sand offers great snorkeling, calm blue waters, and an intimate atmosphere. The beach is usually quiet on weekdays, but during the weekend “Little” Knip is a favorite with local families for playing, swimming, and barbecues. Facilities are limited, so bring your own food and drinks; sit back and watch the sunset.

Location: West Coast
Ideal for: Snorkeling, picnics, sunbathing, families
Facilities: Parking
Accessible by: Car, taxi, bus

Grote Knip (Playa Kenepa)

Take the scenic road to one of Curacao’s best-known beaches with its stunningly beautiful vistas and spectacular sunsets. Surrounded by high rocks, Playa Kenepa is a favorite with both locals and tourists, yet rarely feels overcrowded because it’s so long. Families love the beach because the kids can play safely in the turquoise blue waters. Playa Kenepa is also a great place for snorkelers, sunbathers, and beach walkers.

Location: West Coast
Ideal for: Divers, families, sunbathers
Facilities: Parking, snack bar
Accessible by: Car, taxi, bus

Playa Lagun

One of the most photogenic beaches in Curacao can be found in a hidden bay. The pristine beach with fantastic views is surrounded by high rock formations. With fishing boats lying on the beach, it makes Playa Lagun a true and charming beauty. The beautiful underwater world will also not be disappointing with its crystal-clear water. Grab your gear and snorkel along the rocks in the water. If you’re lucky you can also spot some sea turtles.

Location: Northwest Coast
Ideal for: Snorkeling, divers, sunbathing and families
Facilities: Parking, beach rentals, toilets, showers, shade, nearby restaurant
Accessible by: Car, taxi, bus


This natural beach is true a lover among the locals. At Daaibooi you can find large families enjoying their weekends barbecuing with their loved ones, surrounded by the stunning scenery. Hike one of the several trails on the cliffs to see a phenomenal view of the Caribbean Sea. This well-maintained beach is equipped with simple and comfortable facilities to enjoy a perfect day with family and friends in a pleasant atmosphere.

Location: Southwest Coast
Ideal for: Families, sunbathing, hiking and barbecuing
Facilities: Parking, restaurant, beach rentals, toilets, showers, shade
Accessible by: Car, taxi, bus

Playa Porto Mari

A busy tourist beach for relaxing, snorkeling, and fun in the sun with family or friends. The blue sea has a smooth sandy bottom, perfect for the kids. Playa Porto Mari also features a covered picnic area, beach parasols, chair rentals, and a great seaside restaurant with a spectacular view. If you are lucky, you might even encounter some wild pigs sunbathing on the beach or playing in the water. Everything needed to make a day of it awaits you.

Location: Southwest Coast
Ideal for: Swimming, snorkeling, families, sunbathing
Facilities: Parking, bar and restaurant, showers, toilets
Accessible by: Car, taxi

Blue Bay

Curacao’s largest beach is popular with local families and visitors for its soft white sands, shady palms, shallow waters, and many facilities. Lying near the fishing village of St. Michiel, Blue Bay is also well set up for diving, sea kayaking, or just relaxing with a tropical drink. Children in particular enjoy the playground and pool.

Location: Southwest Coast
Ideal for: Families, swimming, watersports,
Facilities: Parking, bar, restaurant, beach rentals, showers, toilets, nearby golf
Accessible by: Car, taxi, bus

Sea Aquarium Beach (Mambo Beach)

Calm, shallow waters protected by a carefully placed breakwater make swimming conditions ideal here, especially for children. White sand and majestic palm trees for shade complete the picture. Sea Aquarium Beach or also known as Mambo Beach, offers shopping boutiques, chair and umbrella rentals, plus a watersports center as well. Refreshments and other facilities also make it easy to spend a whole day here without leaving the beach.

Location: South Coast
Ideal for: Swimming, snorkeling, families, sunbathing, shopping
Facilities: Parking, bars and restaurants, shower, toilets, nearby shops
Accessible by: Car, taxi, bus

Kokomo Beach

This little piece of heaven is one of the best spots to have a good time! Kokomo is home to a beautiful sea-coast where there are always new things happening. You won’t be able to resist dancing barefoot in the sand as live music sessions take place during the weekend. Its restaurant will also blow away your mind with its fresh and delicious menu items after hiking one of the trails surrounding the beach. As the sun sets in the ocean, take a swing over the crystal-clear water to take in the magnificence of this picturesque beach.

Location: South Coast
Ideal for: Snorkeling, swimming, sunbathing, entertainments, scuba diving, families
Facilities: Parking
Accessible by: Car, taxi, bus

Playa Piskado/Grandi

This coveted beach is known by the locals for its perfect fishing setting and by the tourists for the presence of turtles. This tiny distinguished beach is an exciting place to snorkel with turtles in their natural habitat in between the colorful wooden fishing boats. While you can also enjoy the spectacle of the natural beauty of this seashore from a pier, you shall witness the fisherman gathering together to clean their catch of the day right at the seaside.

Location: West Coast
Ideal for: Swimming, snorkeling, fishing
Facilities: Parking, nearby restaurants
Accessible by: Car, taxi, bus

Playa Kalki

White sands set against beautiful hills, limestone cliffs, and a green uncrowded environment have earned Playa Kalki a place on Travel + Leisure’s list of the “Best Beaches on Earth.”
For the diving enthusiast, the waters are full of natural life and there’s even an old airplane wreck to explore. The beach is often featured on postcards, so bring your camera.

Location: West Coast
Ideal for: Snorkelers, divers, sunbathers
Facilities: Parking, shade, snack bar, dive shop
Accessible by: Car, taxi

Cas Abao

Like a scene from a beach movie, Cas Abao offers white sands, crystal clear waters, swaying palms, shady parasols, and tropical reefs. A raft for sunbathing and playing is moored off the beach and an exciting range of watersports is available. It is the ideal setting to relax while getting a seaside massage, then chill out at a bar, or dine at a restaurant with a varied menu.

Location Southwest Coast
Ideal for: Swimming, sunbathing, diving, families, people watching
Facilities: Parking, shade, watersports, toilets, showers, refreshments
Accessible by: Car, taxi

Klein Curacao

Snorkeling and diving are real treats on this small island, about 15 miles southeast of mainland Curacao. Spot sea turtles, dolphins, and other exciting marine creatures in the crystal-clear waters. Or walk the beach of powdery, fine sand that encircles Klein Curacao. Day tours and charter boats are available for the trip, which takes about two hours each way.

Location: Southeast of the mainland
Ideal for: Diving, walking, getting away from it all
Facilities: Limited – check when booking
Accessible by: Boat

It all happens at Jan Thiel Beach

Do you dream of going somewhere tropical where you could spend an unforgettable vacation? This is exactly what Jan Thiel Beach is all about. As much as this beach is known for its gastronomy and a wide variety of cocktails, it is also a great place for the whole family and sports enthusiast. There is a great reef to explore while snorkeling, different beach tennis and volleyball courts to get your game on.

Known for its attractive European atmosphere, its salty infinity pool overlooking the warm Caribbean Ocean, and a variety of restaurants and bars, you are assured to have the time of your life at Jan Thiel Beach. This upscale stretch of unique outlets keeps impressing its visitors with vibrant entertainment and dynamic ambiance. Here are some must-go restaurants you should tic off your Curacao bucket list while visiting Jan Thiel Beach:

Zanzibar Beach – for its whole concept revolving around the beach! You simply can’t resist enjoying tasty pizzas and frozen drinks with the whole family while having your feet in the sand!
Zest Restaurant – for your chance to enjoy a dinner prepared carefully with fresh ingredients and a touch of local influences in a lavish environment.
Tinto Bar y Cocina – for its Argentinian sharing dish concept and well-chosen wine selection that will transport you to the land of Tango. Eat, drink and be merry while enjoying a beautiful sunset next to the ocean.
Koko’s – for its colorful street food dishes and signature cocktails served in an instagrammable setting that screams weekend everyday of the week.
Zest Beach Café – for its luxurious but yet laidback setting. Imagine having a well made coffee or fresh smoothie in the morning in the comfort of a cabana that overlooks the majestic Caribbean Sea. It’s also the ideal place to treat yourself to a delightful poke bowl at one of the candlelit picnic tables.

The island of Curacao and Jan Thiel Beach is known for its lively happy hours. Follow the sounds of the instruments and the hypnotizing voices of artists as the unplugged beach session rocks Zanzibar every Wednesday evening from 19:30 until 22:30. On Thursdays, you are invited to join a mouth-watering lobster night at the one and only Zest Restaurant while every Friday there is a Spritz happy hour at Zest Beach Café.

Don’t be surprised if you end up dancing your night away as a DJ is taking care of the ambiance. Starting at 17:00, Zanzibar is the place to be every Saturday for its famous happy hour as the sun starts going down. Finally, Sunday Funday is spelled out with a whole afternoon spent dancing under the sun, feet in the sand, to the beat of a DJ.

Jan Thiel beach is definitely an exciting one-stop destination for you to fully enjoy your time on the fabulous island of Curacao! After all, all happens at Jan Thiel Beach!
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