Live, laugh and let loose with AnnaBay Club Rum

Live, laugh and let loose with AnnaBay Club Rum

Article written by Jessica Gallant

We invite you to gather alongside St. Anna Bay to enjoy a liquid treasure concocted from the rich history of Curacao within the heart of Punda.

As you walk into the Rumlocker of AnnaBay Club, be ready to join a fun and inspiring rum tasting. You will get to dive into the heritage of a historical journey of Curacao while visiting a small operation working on offering the vibrant essence of its culture in a bottle.

Thanks to its special bond with the island, AnnaBay Club Rum has handcrafted the perfect liquor to bring back home for you to reminisce with every sip, about your time spent on the island! With its wooden cask barrels surrounding the entrance, its cozy sitting area shaped with meaningful family souvenirs and heirlooms, and the personalized experience given by the staff members, you will quickly be charmed by this local distillery.

Tempt yourself to a line of rums with no added sugar, coloring, or additives or a collection of exciting fruity rums thought of while laying in a hammock rocking between two palm trees at a beach on Curacao. You will most definitely find a bottle that you can enjoy and create unforgettable memories with. AnnaBay Club is proud to offer quality products and strives to put Curacao on an international stage by offering a blend for you to bring back home honoring the uniqueness of this Caribbean gem. Drink it neat, with a squeeze of lime, or create your perfect cocktail with AnnaBay Club!