Dolphin Suites & Wellness

where accessible travel to the island began…

Also called: the hotel with a heart.

Located in central Curacao, this boutique hotel offers unmatched relaxation and access to many exciting nearby activities.

Dolphin Suites is unique in that it has a special and purposeful mission. The hotel was founded in 2007 to accommodate disabled individuals (including children) participating in the dolphin-assisted therapy program at the adjacent Sea Aquarium. Thus, all 21 suites and rooms are wheelchair friendly. The hotel is, however, not exclusive, and has welcomed abled and disabled guests since the doors opened almost fifteen years ago. The multilingual staff complement is attentive andcaring, going above and beyond to provide the best possible stay for every guest.

The diverse and friendly atmosphere of the hotel setting allows every guest to be themselves and feel at home. The success of Dolphin Suites has led to the expansion of accessible tours on the island, and Curacao has become a popular place for accessible travel.

To cater to new and repeat guests, 2019 saw Dolphin Suites open an on-location spa, offering a selection of stress release and relaxation treatments. A further expansion is currently underway, including 38 suites and rooms, a yoga studio, gym, and coffee bar. The expansion better equips Dolphin Suites to cater to their guests, combining physical and mental wellness and relaxation with the natural beauty of Curacao.

Experience peace, connection, and personal growth in a caring and uplifting environment. Experience Dolphin Suites.