Curacao during Corona (COVID-19)

Coronavirus: How is it to travel to Curacao during the pandemic?

Last updated: 5-12-2022

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the people of Curacao have shown strength and determination to level off the curve. Despite all the ups and downs of this long and unexpected situation, it is quite remarkable to see the positivism of the population and the motivation of each individual working together to resume normal daily activities and maintain a safe environment.

The number of infections in Curacao is under control. Due to the intensive cooperation between the Curacao Tourist Board, the Ministry of Health, Environment and Nature and other government agencies, among others, the island has always managed to continue receiving visitors in a safe and controlled manner.

Information for travel from other countries:
All international visitors are required to complete the Digital Immigration Card (DI Card) online before departure. The Digital Immigration Card is a mandatory card for all foreign travelers to clear immigration in Curaçao. Visit:

No COVID test is required before traveling to Curacao.

Note: Check if your travel insurance provides adequate coverage for medical care abroad and any additional costs related to COVID-19. Please note that should you need to be quarantined or become ill during your stay and incur extra accommodation expenses, for example, these costs will be at your own expense if you are not adequately insured.