Co-Crea Chichi

Co-Crea Chichi®: Bridging meaningful connections, art and culture

Article written by Jessica Gallant

Since its creation in 2008, the Chichi® sculpture has always been an emblematic and beloved symbol of creativity, strength, and unity. Now, 15 years later, the island is witnessing the birth of the largest Chichi® sculpture ever crafted, marking the advent of the next era for Serena’s Art Factory with the exciting Co-Crea Chichi® project. This cooperative masterpiece promises to be a monumental milestone, standing as a centerpiece in the heart of the factory.

The newest and largest Chichi® so far!

The Co-Crea Chichi® is more than just a big statue; it is a visionary project that brings together the essence of Curacao’s art and culture but also the symbolism of growth, progress, and meaningful connections from the heart. It is a colossal endeavor, aiming to push further the mission of any previous Chichi® creations in both size and significance. The project exemplifies the essence of community engagement, demonstrating how a cooperative approach can elevate the arts to new heights and forge lasting connections.

A masterpiece of colorful collaborations

The Co-Crea Chichi® painting showcases a powerful structure adorned with purposeful arches, thoughtfully connecting each element to another. These arches symbolize the evolution of the Chichi® sculpture, reflecting the essence of change and innovation while remaining true to Serena’s Art Factory’s core mission. As creating opportunities for vibrant collaboration has always been at the heart of the Chichi® initiative, it made sense to establish a bridge between Curacao and Germany for the Co-Crea Chichi® project.

Thea Parthenos, a Berlin-born artist, has played a vital role in co-creating with Serena on various designs since her internship in 2013. Drawing inspiration from the Art Nouveau style, her artistic contribution has enriched the Co-Crea Chichi® project with evocative creativity and the incorporation of well-known scenery from Curacao. The artwork masterfully illustrates cacti, flamingos, turtles, and more, all seamlessly united by the arch shape. Additionally, Kara Productions played a crucial role in working closely with Serena to bring the creation of this 3.5-meter Chichi® structure to life.

The connections between Serena and these artists represent another important aspect of the project, as she maintains close communication with them, creating yet another arch, another bridge of significant connections beyond borders. A symbol of artistic expression and harmony, the Co-Crea Chichi® undeniably embraces boundless multicultural cooperation and the immense talent of the artists involved in the creation of this extraordinary masterpiece.

Ban Selebrá Chichi®!

You are also invited to connect with Serena’s Art Factory by visiting the atelier and witnessing the magnificent new Chichi®! There’s no entry fee, and you will get to cross a bridge into a captivating world of creativity. Don’t miss out on this unique experience, where inspiration knows no bounds, and don’t forget to bring your camera along to capture Instagram-worthy moments with the Co- Crea Chichi®! The sculpture has been designed for you to sit at her feet, creating an incredible photo opportunity. Let’s celebrate Chichi® as Serena’s Art Factory is full ambition for the future with many more colorful plans.

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