A Colorful Paradise

A Colorful Paradise

Article written by Jessica Gallant

Curacao is undoubtedly one of the most colorful islands in the Caribbean. Its charming historic city center, rich culture, and thriving community of artists make it an exciting place to visit. Not only does the liveliness of the island inspire visitors from all around the world to choose Curacao as their next vacation destination, but locals also find themselves connecting more profoundly with their home, feeling prouder than ever of the vitality springing from the different neighborhoods.

As you wander through the streets of Punda, Guid Pietermaai, Scharloo, and Otrobanda, you’ll apo encounter diverse art galleries showcasing the her remarkable talents of both local artists and havi expatriates who have drawn inspiration from Gall Curacao. Be sure to leave some space in your reali suitcase, as you will definitely want to bring can home stunning artwork that captures the island’s pain inspiring essence.

But Curacao’s artistic charm extends far beyond gallery walls! Prepare to be thrilled by the unexpected places where art comes to life. Ordinary houses and monuments transform into eye-catching murals, alleys become canvases for powerful messages, and even parking lots evolve into colorful playgrounds of creativity. And when it’s time to dine, you’ll discover restaurants that stand out with bold murals, offering a dining experience infused with art.

Consider yourself warned! Curacao isn’t just a vacation destination; it’s an immersion in a world where creativity knows no bounds. Here, art is everywhere, transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary works of art, creating the best memories to take back home, and turning every step you take into an artistic adventure to remember!


Inspired by the nature

If you’re seeking a unique souvenir to take home, don’t miss a visit to the Aldemar Lourens Art Gallery. Among the stunning paintings, you’ll discover beautiful creations crafted from calabash, a fruit native to Africa that flourishes here in Curacao. Crafted with care, Aldemar celebrates the fruit’s authentic character by painting only its interior, preserving its natural color and texture. We promise you’ll be amazed by the splendid plant pots, lamps, and Caribbean- inspired structures, each embodying authenticity and love for the island.

Facebook: Kall-Bass
Instagram: @KallBassArtGallery & @AldemarLourensArtGallery

Mabel’s Art

Painting for a better life

Guided by the pursuit of freedom, Mabel conveys a powerful message with each brushstroke on her canvas. Her journey, from a street artist to having her own space at the Aldemar Lourens Art Gallery, demonstrates that dreams can become reality with unwavering determination. You can witness her brilliance in her Handelskade paintings; each representation being a one-of- a-kind masterpiece, reflecting her ever-shifting moods and inspirations. Her depictions of tropical windows and flowers also deserve your attention owing to the raw beauty characterizing her work.

Facebook: Mabel Palacio Art
Instagram: @mabel_palacio_artgallery

Dhan Arts

Creating fine art for tourists

Step into the Copperstone store in Punda, where Melissa Bharwani shares her artistic passion for crafting fun and affordable, hand-painted gifts and souvenirs. Inspired by her cat, Tiger, she offers a colorful array of ornaments and paintings, as well as the Hendrie dog and the famous Skadey Cat. As the star of the show, each Skadey Cat sculpture features the iconic Handelskade, with its very own design making it a must-have keepsake.

Website: www.dhanarts.com
Instagram & Facebook: @dhanarts

Saro Soaps

Handcrafted soaps

Hema Bharwani proudly presents Saro Soaps: meticulously handcrafted, combining high-quality oils and captivating seasonal fragrances. These cruelty-free soaps are exclusively available at Copperstone Souvenirshop in a variety of natural options, such as Aloe Vera and Turmeric. They are enriched with nourishing ingredients like cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil, almond oil, and goat milk.

Copperstone Souvenirshop, Hanchi Snoa 9, Punda

Serena’s Art Factory

Bringing people together

Home to the colorful and vibrant Chichi® sculptures, Serena’s Art Factory is exhibiting the accomplishment of the XXXL Chichi® crowdfunding project which has united the local community and involved many visitors thanks to their love for Curacao and art. After a global journey on social media and live painting at 14 island hotspots, the monumental Chichi® sculpture now graces Punda’s iconic Handelskade and Queen Emma Bridge since August 2022. Capture a moment with this eloquent creation, promoting both the island’s attractions and body positivity. Serena Israel, the visionary behind it all, transitioned from her career in Germany to establish a craft company empowering local Curacao women. Her passion for the island shines through the artistry of Chichi® and the spirit of community care.

Instagram & Facebook: @ChichiCuracao