30 Oct 2023

Il Gelato

Authentic Italian gelato made with only fresh and top quality products. Gelato maker Mino has a passion for quality and prepares...

30 Oct 2023

It’s Better with Chocolate

Fine Chocolate Atelier, known for the concept "It's better with Chocolate," was born from the belief that Chocolate can enhance...

30 Oct 2023


Eat handcrafted hamburgers at Brgr.Haus, a restaurant located in a beautiful colonial-style building. In the square in front of the...

30 Oct 2023


RustiQ is a restaurant that offers a fantastic dining experience. They take traditional local dishes and give them a fresh...

30 Oct 2023


Discover the unique taste of Lionfish at the Lionfish self-service food venture. Choose from a variety of dishes and enjoy...