Cultural Tours

27 Oct 2023

Landhuis Chobolobo

Do you want to know how the famous Curacao liqueur is made? Then you must take the interactive guided tour...

26 Oct 2023

The Curacao Museum

The Curacao Museum, formerly a Military Hospital, stands as the oldest museum on the island. Housed within a historic monument...

26 Oct 2023

Kura Hulanda Museum

The museum's exhibits will transport you back to the periods of the transatlantic slave trade, with a focus on Curacao’s...

26 Oct 2023

Hofi Mango

Experience the nature of Curacao! The beautiful historic Hofi Mango was set up as a plantation in 1707. In addition...

14 Jun 2023


With the PocketGuide, you can explore the city while listening to an audio tour that tells you all the ins...