ZUP Boarding Experience in Spanish Waters $ 65

The ZUP Boarding Experience in Spanish Waters is a fun watersport activity for the entire family! ZUP Boarding is an All-In-One Boarding experience. Think of a multi- functional board on which you can bodyboard, kneeboard, waterski and wakeboard.

You start off by laying on the board, then kneel and once you have control and balance your next step is to stand up and waterski or wakeboard. Therefore, ZUP Boarding is easy and no previous experience required! Young or Old, Beginner or Experienced; certainly everyone can ZUP!

This tour is every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday at: 9:00, 11:00, and 13:00 at Kima Kalki Marina (Brakkeput Ariba #62).  First some instructions are given and then you will leave the marina towards the Spanish Waters area where you will board. During the drive you will see some impressive villas of the area. Each person gets to board approximately 20 minutes. After the boarding we will drive back to the pier.

Additional Activity Board & Beach: After ZUP boarding we will drive to Santa Barbara for a swim stop of 30 minutes. Afterwards, you will return to the pier for $85 pp.

Days available: Every Wednesday Friday and Saturday
Duration: 1 hour
Min. age required: 6


  • Exciting new watersport activity that is suitable for every level
  • Start off bodyboarding and kneeboarding and once you have the balance you can waterski and wakeboard
  • See the mangroves and villas of Spanish Waters


  • Board,
  • Life vest
  • Instructions
  • Bottled water

Traveler tips

  • Things to bring along: towels, sun protection, (waterproof) camera
  • You will get wet. Even if you do not plan on swimming you may get wet during the boat tour.