XXXL Chichi

Chichi® beyond the pandemic

It is not a secret that the pandemic of COVID-19 has affected many companies that are dependent on tourism around the world. In the effort of keeping Serena’s Art Factory alive, Serena herself and her team gathered together with the strength of a Chichi® to reach the heart of the people through Art with a creative crowdfunding project. A Chichi®, which is normally known as the oldest sister in a Curacao family, is also known for her passion, dedication, and attention towards her loved ones. This is the mentality that Serena and her team have adopted to work together as a family and take care of an important part of the artistic community of the island.



Be part of something BIG

The crowdfunding project of the XXXL Chichi® is all about bringing people together and work on keeping Serena’s Art Factory alive. Everybody can be a part of this mission by choosing their favorite illustration designed by Paul Piper together with Serena which will be painted live in different locations around the island. The accomplishment of this project will bring a meaningful art piece to Willemstad, whilst creating awareness regarding the numerous things to do on the island of Curacao. The money raised through this project will sustain Serena’s Art Factory and will pay for the salaries of many artists. Also, the big Chichi® will be donated to Willemstad for a period of at least 3 years. Many other things will be done to thank all of the supporters, including showcasing their logos or names on a cut-out billboard next to Chichi®. The sculpture will be placed in the heart of Willemstad and there is no doubt this unique piece of art will travel around the world through social media and become a must-see attraction on the island.



XXXL Chichi® will be traveling to 10-15 places around the island



XXXL Chichi® around Curacao

Since this project is meant to be accessible to everyone, before reaching the destination, the XXXL Chichi® will be traveling to 10-15 places around the island. The live painting sessions will happen about once a week and will be available to watch via live stream for those who can not be present on that day. Locals and tourists are invited to join in to immortalize this creative adventure and learn more about the amazing things Curacao has to offer through the different attractions that will cover this iconic sculpture.


While planning for your next escapade on the island of Curacao, make sure to look where the XXXL Chichi® is located and follow the progress of the project with the QR code right here.


+5999 738 0648



By Jessica Gallant


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