Ban Hòfi Bèk

Touring Curacao through its “hòfi” vibe and eco-friendly community

We are happy to introduce to you Johnessca Martina who has made it her mission to ensure a thriving ecosystem sustaining the (agri) cultural developments of Curacao, the self- sufficiency of its locals as well as awakening the process of a conscious lifestyle all around the world.

This passionate and grounded young lady has launched a meaningful project called “BAN HÒFI BÈK” which she aims to share nationally to improve our experience on earth, reconnect with our true essence, and give back the planet’s divine purpose.

Through “BAN HÒFI BÈK”, she is offering agricultural-oriented excursions which call attention to Curacao’s flora & fauna, agriculture developments and its sustainability. Her tours are an inspiring immersion within the iconic “hòfi” vibes of the island showcasing the specialized crafts of Curacao’s citizens. You will also learn interesting facts about Curacao’s history, culture, and artistic scene.

Thanks to the eco-friendly pursuit of “BAN HÒFI BÈK” and its local partners devoted to contributing to the sustainable developments of the Island, you will get to visit the largest Aloe Vera cultivation of Curacao, witness historical monuments, stop by different local cultivators, taste the weekly harvest and experience many more enlightening moments within Curacao’s ecological community.

To plant a seed in “BAN HÒFI BÈK” and thus contribute to a thriving agriculture, you can donate and invest in the project via email:

 +5999 525-3480
Instagram: @banhofibek

by Jessica Gallant