Artistic and Colorful Curacao

We are happy to introduce to you the artists behind curacao’s art scene!

Curacao has become much more than an eye-catching island for its iconic architecture. From Otrobanda’s open-air canvas, the diverse art galleries lining the streets of Punda, and the significant messages covering the parking lots and alleys of Scharloo, the artists of the island have given a whole new meaning to Curacao’s colorfulness. Whether you are looking to take pictures of stunning street art, wish to bring back home something special to brighten the mood of your living space, or are looking to find the perfect locally made souvenir gift for someone, you will be amazed by the different choices available to you. Thus, we are happy to introduce to you the artists behind Curacao’s art scene. Talented human beings who have allowed the distinctiveness of the island to guide their artwork and who are now inspiring everyone around them with their very own passionate way of sharing their vision of life.

Hilma Koelman
An abstract painter
Inspired by the beauty of nature, Hilma Koelman is an exciting Dutch painter who intuitively expresses emotions through abstract paintings. While her art occasionally depicts hints of seascape and flowers, she moves away from reality to reach a sense of feel. The movements and the comfort arising from her canvas allow your imagination to run free as the harmony of shapes and colors leaves space for you to create your own story.

Jhomar Loaiza
Creating balance with art
They are all over Instagram! Jhomar Loaiza’s murals have changed the historic alleys of Punda and Otrobanda as well as the perception of society towards their environment. Originally from Venezuela, this artist believes in creating balance by transforming old walls into bright and colorful pieces of art. He wishes to give back to Curacao, the land he cherishes, by creating a happy space with beauty and joy through the illustration of the island’s African heritage. His murals are attractions of their own and create the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself within the neighborhoods of the local community. Make sure to add the Naturaleza Cromatica mural painted on the MCB building in Punda to your itinerary and to have a look at his exhibit at the Aldemar Lourens Art Gallery in Punda.
Instagram & Facebook: @jhomarloaiza

Dhan Arts
Calling out all the pet lovers!
Did you know that Curacao has its official cat? Melissa Bharwani has given herself the mission to hand paint affordable gifts and souvenirs for tourists inspired by her cat named Tiger. From ornaments, paintings, and the famous Skadey Cat, you will certainly find a special keepsake to bring back home. Characterized by the emblematic Handelskade on its back, the Skadey cat has become a very special piece of art to get, as each sculpture has its own designs. You can even get the perfectly imperfect Hendrie dog which is all about raising awareness regarding adopting rescue dogs. As she was always determined to share her work with the world you can find Melissa’s artworks at her family-owned Copperstone store on Hanchi Snoa no.9 in Punda.
Instagram & Facebook: @dhanarts

Francis Sling
God’s Flower Agent
When looking at a Francis Sling painting, not only will you be staring at something captivating, but you will be asked to dive into a journey of self-exploration and questioning.
“The whole world is a big painting, that makes us a small piece of a huge composition, doing everything we can to find happiness until we’re in the right spot in this artwork.” – Francis Sling
Calling himself God’s Flower Agent, Francis considers his work a mission. His mission of ensuring the well-being of his soul and others through his art flourishing into hope, growth, and happiness. As he believes God is an artist, life is then defined as a masterpiece in which he is seeking to evolve.
“In order to achieve something, we must find our position in the big painting we call life. Through my art, I wish for everyone to understand that we all have a place where we can freely belong and be the greatest version of ourselves. We must ask questions, as questions are the best answers to happiness and to find the right spot for our very own selves.” – Francis Sling
You are invited to visit Francis Sling’s ArtCave located in Scharloo, so you can get a piece of paint and therefore find where this piece of happiness belongs in the grand painting of life. Located on Bargestraat 31a, you will get to visit the fascinating workshop of this local artist and see more of his meaningful art.
Instagram: @francissling

Happy Paintings
When art makes you smile
Her paintings are bright, colorful, and vibrant! Renate Rolefes is a devoted artist with many years of experience who brought her dynamic background from several art academies and training courses done in the Netherlands to Curacao. Since 2018, the stimulating Caribbean vibe has brought a new dimension to her work. Indeed, Curacao has been having an undeniable magical effect on her creativity and inspiration. For as long as she can remember, her mission as an artist has always been to create cheerful paintings. The kind of artwork you look at makes you smile instantly. As she believes the presence of colors in our life has a direct effect on our moods, Renate loves to explore that idea and add a little touch of humor to it. From the representation of the voluptuous women living their best life, to the quirky animals from Curacao wildlife and the stunning downtown depicted by day and by night, all of her art pieces have a playful yet structured style of painting distinctive to her. As you walk on Columbusstraat in Punda, her stunning gallery will most definitely catch your eyes as the front of it is all covered with her paintings and happiness! Not only can you find her art on canvas and exclusive art prints, but she also creates posters, clothes, and much more! Her paintings are also available at Sambil and Mambo Beach. Sometimes, all you need is a piece of art to change the way you feel.
Instagram: @paintingshappy

Serena’s Art Factory
Bringing people together
Home to the strong and curvy Chichi® doll, Serena’s Art Factory is celebrating the accomplishment of the XXXL Chichi® crowdfunding project which has united the local community and involved many visitors thanks to their love for Curacao and art. After completing her live painting journey through 14 must-see locations around the island and traveling all around the world through social media, this symbolic giant sculpture is now proudly standing by the iconic Handelskade and Queen Emma Bridge in Punda. Make sure to snap a picture with this eloquent sculpture! Not only does this Chichi® create awareness regarding the many things to do on the island of Curacao but it also celebrates body positivism and the importance to care for one another.
Instagram & Facebook: @ChichiCuracao

Make sure you also stop at the atelier of Jean Girigori in Punda.

Article written by Jessica Gallant