All around Curacao with Chichi®

Celebrating voluptuousness and the heritage of a proud culture, Chichi® is known to be the elder sister in a
Curacao family. A strong and smart woman giving all the care needed to her loved ones with dedication, attention, and passion. It is with regards to body positivism and the importance to care for one another thatmany places around Curacao have become home to one of these colorful pieces of art. Let us introduce you to the largest and heaviest pieces.

Ben Chichi® at Serena’s Art Factory

While visiting Curacao, you should head over to Serena’s Art Factory. Not only is it an amazing place to visit but you will also get to see Chichi® in memory of Benoit Clément, the father of Serena’s daughter. The story behind this important structure is touching as Ben and Serena worked for 7 months together on this giant Chichi® before he passed away in 2011. In honor of his love and passion for his work, the Ben Chichi® limited collection has been created to further share his accomplishments.

Underwater Chichi® at Playa Kalki

Along with a surprising saxophone, in Memorial of Serena’s deceased husband Michael Anthony, you will get to enjoy the curviness of a Chichi® made of pure concrete underneath the water at the Alice in Wonderland Reef at Playa Kalki. Go West Diving Curacao and Serena’s Art Factory have joined forces in 2020 to responsibly submerge this massive sculpture within the magical underwater world of Curacao while respecting all environmental considerations.

Crowdfunding Chichi® at Punda

We have come a long way since the beginning of the pandemic and so did the XXXL crowdfunding Chichi® project. It is with the symbolic strength of a Chichi® that people have come together to keep Serena’s Art Factory alive through an adventure of live paintings performances from July 2021 through July 2022. Now that the Chichi has completed her journey through 14 wonderful locations, she is now proudly standing in the heart of Punda all covered with inspiring illustrations representing the diversity of Curacao and the skills of Serena’s team.

Porcelain-look Chichi® at the Sandals®

As the Sandals® Royal Curacao opened its doors last spring 2022 to visitors from all around the world, the resort hotel is also embracing a custom-made Chichi® with a Delft Blue design. Standing with all its magnificence at the entrance, with open arms she welcomes the guests while showcasing the beauty of Curacao through cobalt blue designs.

Rehabilitation Chichi® at Sambil

Displayed at the Curacao Activities’ store at Sambil, the biggest retailer of Chichi® dolls on the island, this impressive piece of art also has a special story as a young prisoner from Curacao’s jail painted most of the structure while being incarcerated in 2018. It is important to prove to society that, in addition to serving a sentence for breaking the laws, detainees can also make a positive contribution. We are very happy with the results and glad to be part of this positive rehabilitation.

Custom made Chichi® at Renaissance

Inspired by the talented Joyceline Gijsbertha, Chichi painter #45, a stunning Chichi® dressed up with in a white swimsuit covered with vibrant flowers and bright colors, has come to life in 2019. Located at the Renaissance Wind Creek Curacao Resort in Otrobanda, the giant doll is always ready to welcome visitors and to be taken in pictures for them to go back home with a unique memory of their stay.

Article written by Jessica Gallant