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Nights Publications and Island Guide TV have teamed up in 2019. The new media enterprise will continue to trade under the same recognizable names, but will eventually operate under one brand.

The new association will be combining the best of both tourist and leisure worlds. The Aruba Nights team has over 30 years of experience connecting advertisers and tourists with print media on both Aruba and Curaçao. And Island Guide TV has served advertisers and tourists for over 7 years providing its distinctive in-room TV channel and mobile app on both of these Caribbean islands.

Nights Publications and Island Guide TV are absolutely thrilled to be joining forces. The reputation and experience in print media of Nights Publications combined with innovative and tremendous digital positioning of Island Guide TV, will provide advertisers and tourists with unparalleled end-to-end exposure.




2019 – Merger Island Guide TV & Night Publications 

2016 – Established Island Guide TV Curaçao

2014 – Established Island Guide TV Aruba 

2007 – Established Panama Nights Hotel Edition Magazine

2001 – Established Curaçao Nights Hotel Edition Magazine (published until ’05)

1998 – Established Island Gourmet Magazine

1995 – Established Cancun Nights Magazine (published until ’00)

1992 – Established Bonaire Nights Magazine

1990 – Established Curaçao Nights Magazine

1988 – Established Aruba Nights Magazine

1983 – Established St. Maarten/St. Martin Nights Magazine (published until ’17)

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